RaiQu – Rheumatological treatment monitoring and quality software

RaiQu is a software solution for monitoring the condition and treatment of a rheumatological patient. It also enables the reporting and evaluation of treatment results. RaiQu offers modern means to handle issues related to treatment. It can, for example, produce statistical data of different patient groups for national comparison of treatment units. RaiQu not only collects statistical data but supports monitoring and day-to-day clinical work. The software is very versatile and it supports the work of a rheumatologist – it facilitates and speeds up patient’s treatment monitoring and improves the quality of care 

Why do we need a treatment monitoring and quality software?

The current health care law requires such activities that enable health care personnel to develop quality management and to receive feedback for learning and operational development. According to the EU patient directive, actual information on the quality of care must be openly available. According to the law, operations must be based on evidence and quality management must be continuous.