Health care solutions

Health care solutions

Vahvero Symbiosis Oy strives for multi-professional co-operation with healthcare professionals, to which is characterised by ethical behaviour, the wellbeing of different age groups, as well as sustainable development. The goal of the health care is to produce efficient, equal, safe, patient centered health service in the right time.

Patients are increasingly looking for health-related information on the internet, whereby the reliability of information is one of the most important things. Acquiring information may be directed to medication, side effects, disease symptoms or activity. It is important for the industry to know the needs and behaviors of customers so that the best solutions can be created for these needs.

The solution we develop can be an application or service for a health care personnel, a patient, or just a person who is interested in his or her health. We build services together with healthcare specialists to ensure the quality and suitability of our services for healthcare. Everything does not have to be always new but good solutions are also created by utilizing traditional technology in an open-minded way and creative way.

Our goal is to create internationally competitive monitoring products and services, which markedly improve the fluency of the clinician’s daily work and promote new ways of monitor patients treatment. Vahvero’s employees have solid work experience and industry expertise in healthcare software services. The development of technology enables more versatile tools for health care personnel and patients.

We know the healthcare legislation, the operational requirements and the influencers. We observe the enactments and regulations provided for health care equipment, supplies and software (629/2010). If necessary, we also take care of integrating the services we develop with other healthcare information systems.